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Leap of Faith Chap V
"So, you're a turncoat, are you? Ku, ku, ku..."
"No, I'm not a...look, do you have the right gun, or not? I'm not waiting around all day for you to-"
"Of course I have it. I've been making everything under the sun with all the spare time I've had. I figured at one point that a gun that could turn us into real Pekoponians would be useful, and now look. Here you are."
"Yeah. Are you going to keep blabbering about it, or are you going to give it to me?" Kululu blushed and turned away.
"Uh, what?" Giroro had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach. Sometimes Kululu gave him the creeps. He knew the twisted genius had sort of a of "thing" for him, and it had nothing to do with respect or admiration.
"Just one little thing. This gun-"
"Oh, I knew it! There's some sort of catch, isn't there? Well, what do you want from me?" Kululu turned to him. His expression was always the same, but somehow Giroro sensed reluctance, which was a bit odd for Kululu.
"No catch. Only this. This par
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Leap of Faith Chap IV
Giroro ran as far and as fast  as he could before his legs refused to hold him up any longer. He thought that running would stop the trembling, but it only seemed to make it worse. Since when had he been so weak? He hated what Natsumi did to his body and mind, and this latest development had been the final blow. He couldn't do it anymore. Every year she had gotten prettier, more strong-willed. Every year his feelings for her coiled tighter around his heart. Something had to be done. He'd debated with himself about going back home for months, or at least running away to a different part of Pekopon. But he wasn't allowed to abandon his post. Years back, he had almost run away after he overran the city with giant, killer plants. But Natsumi hadn't allowed it. He remembered when she picked him up by his backpack, and though he protested, it was with a weak heart. She was a poison pumping through his veins. Whenever he tried to soldier up and actually do his duty, she was the wall
:iconbluelilyoffire3:bluelilyoffire3 1 0
Leap of Faith Chap III
Natsumi sat there for a moment or two, dumbfounded. She had known for years that he liked her, but she had never really thought...She was an alien to him just as much as he was to her. How could he be attracted to her? Didn't aliens fall in love with other aliens? Were aliens even supposed to fall in love at all? It was all too surreal. The longer she sat there watching him go about his business, the more she wanted to get up and run away. He didn't even know what she was thinking, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Would he notice that she had gotten all quiet? It was silent for a few minutes longer when he glanced over at her. His brow wrinkled in concern, and Natsumi blinked. Could he somehow read her mind?
"You're so quiet all of a sudden. Anything wrong? You look a little pale." The wind blew a long strand of hair in her face. The pink color of her youth had changed into a deep red. She irritably swatted it away.
"No, nothing's wrong. I just-" She was cut off by music coming
:iconbluelilyoffire3:bluelilyoffire3 2 4
Leap of Faith Chap II
Natsumi plodded out into the backyard, her eyes on the little red tent. Most of the time she was happy to see it, but this time the slanted eyes on the side that resembled Giro's seemed full of accusation. She shook it off. She knew he wouldn't be mad at her for going to college. She was just doing her duty after all. It was what all educated young women did, right? She had many talents, and she had to make something of herself. She wanted to go. There was an excellent swim team at the one she had chosen. Not to mention the girls' basketball and soccer team. She could be a star of any one of those sports, and go professional. She had everything she had ever wanted lined up for her, and waiting. Why did she feel hesitant to reach out and take hold of her future? What was stopping her? Then she realized that she had had the same thoughts about Giro earlier. He also had dozens of opportunities in front of him, but he too was not grabbing onto them. Natsumi was going to find out why. Part
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why cant i find a kakuzu fan group not centered around yaoi?! :crying:


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